Most Dangerous Jobs In Australia

In any job, there are some hazards. Now, these can range from simple stress which is a part and parcel of every job there is today to some serious health hazards which also go up to being a danger for life of the workers involved. However, these dangers and hazards that are in different jobs varies a lot and depends on the type of job you are involved in. For instance, jobs like forestry, fishing and agriculture related works are considered as the most dangerous work lines in Australia.

Most Dangerous Jobs In Australia - NepaliPage

Safe Work Australia continues working in the direction of how much safe are the present jobs and what is the amount of danger involved in these. A recent analysis reveals that jobs that are related to agriculture, fishing and forestry are the most dangerous ones and account for about 686 deaths between the period of 2003 to 2014 in the workplace.

This is about 23% of the total deaths reported in the workplace across Australia. These causalities do not go for free and organisations are hard hit by these events both image wise and monetarily. As the demand and necessity for safety at workplace is rising so are the claim amounts. During the year 2013 to 2014, agriculture, fishing and forestry together formed the third largest claim amount. Converting them into more understandable numbers, it was around 8.6 million man hours at work.

Most Dangerous Jobs In Australia - NepaliPage

But these are not the only industries that pose risks. Industries like transportation, postal and warehousing are also not far behind and account for 549 deaths at workplaces which are related to transport activities. Apart from this, the biggest is vehicle incidents in Australia which account for the highest causalities. This may or may not be related to one’s work area but if one has to see only the road freight transport alone, it killed around 423 workers between 2003 to 2014.Most Dangerous Jobs In Australia - NepaliPage

All these issues are taken up by the organised sector very carefully and all the preventive measures are taken too. Industries that involve more of intellectual work and desk work also takes care of employees by doing practise drills for say fire or any other hazard that they may be prone to. There is no other way to avoid causalities caused by road accidents than to be careful while you are driving or you are the pedestrian. Many workers unions have also taken up this issue time and again which has woke up many higher officials to see into these matters and take a proactive approach.

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