COVID-19: Dedicated shopping hour for senior citizens & disabled

Where are the senior citizens and disabled in the shopping race caused by COVID-19?

The Australian supermarkets considering the need of these age groups and people have revised their shopping period. Woolworths and Coles have introduced special shopping hours in their supermarkets for the senior citizen and disabled so that they can shop on their suitably.

From 2020, March 17, Tuesday, Woolworths will exclusively open from 7:00 am to 8:00 am daily, and Coles from Wednesday would be practicing the same from 8:00 am to 9:00 am.

In order to access the privileged shopping period, the senior citizen and disabled must show their government-issued pension or senior citizen card and disability card. During the allocated time no, other shoppers will be able to shop.

The decision was made after the rioted scene of shopper clash, panic-buying and frays in sanitary products (toilet paper, and hand sanitizer) where the Australian feared the shortage of essential items after COVID-19.

While Woolworths has not limited on purchase of a product, Coles has limited the purchase of toilet paper (one pack per person), paper towels, pasta, flour, rice, eggs, frozen desserts & vegetables, hand sanitizer, and mince (two-pack per person).


Woolworths Supermarkets managing director Claire Peters to said, “While we’ll continue to do our very best to restock our stores during this period of unprecedented demand, we know many of our elderly customers have been missing out on essential items when they shop.”

Adding more Claire Peter said, “This temporary measure will give them, and those with a disability, the opportunity to shop before our stores officially open — helping them obtain the essential items they need most in a less crowded environment.”

Woolworths plans to extend no operating hours while Coles is making a move to hire more than 5,000 temporary workers to meet the demand.

National Seniors Australia CEO Professor John McCallum expressed his appreciation for the decision made by the supermarket to ABC. He said,

“We applaud the move by Woolworths because it is much needed, and we would urge others to follow suit. This is not the time for others to be selfish.”

IGA, the supermarket brand is rolling out similar schemes in their 1300 stores while the trail for Altona branch begins from 2020, April 7.

Australias COVID-19 death toll hits 5 overnight, with Queensland and Victoria state declaring state emergency after more than 70 confirmed cases were identified.

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