Choose These Course Abroad For Handsome Pay Packages

Most people choose to study abroad for broadly two reasons, first is that the facilities and the education system is better there and thus provide a lot of vocation based knowledge. The second is that we hope to get good package post our studies. For the second reason, it is very important to understand that the package you want to get will highly depend upon the place you choose to study. Also, the course of your choice makes a lot of difference. STEM fields, that is, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are the evergreen black in the education market. Here are 10 courses that you can choose to study abroad to get handsome packages.

Choose These Course Abroad For Handsome Pay Packages - NepaliPage

Mechanical Engineering

You work as a mechanical engineer and work in areas like designing and testing of machinery. This field of work is good for people who are interested into engineering related jobs.

Countries you can work in: US, UK, Australia, and Canada

Average annual salary: $83,590

Civil Engineering

Do you have a knack for creating new things and supervising projects? This is the job for you if your answer is yes. Working in this field can be very exciting as you get to make things right from scratch and as you move up in the career ladder, you have whole teams to manage.

Countries you can work in: Australia, US, and UAE

Average annual salary: $82,220

Actuarial Science

This is an upcoming field and not many professionals are present in this and hence there is a lot of scope for new comers. Your job role will include using advanced statistics and modelling functions to analyse the risk associated with investing and financing activities. There are many fields you can work in like health industry pricing, auditing etc…

Country you can work in: Australia, UK, New Zealand, US

Salary (Median): $97,070

Choose These Course Abroad For Handsome Pay Packages - NepaliPagePharmaceutical Science

If you are interested in medicine science, this is the place to be. Develop new drugs, test them and help people in need. Since people’s lives are at stake, you need to be very diligent in your work and no compromise on quality and testing can be tolerated.

Countries who are in need of such professionals: Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, US, Sweden, and Singapore

Average annual salary: $80,000 to $100,000

Choose These Course Abroad For Handsome Pay Packages - NepaliPage


These services will never become extinct and thus there is always a need for professionals in this field. You can go for areas like financial management, move more towards client side and become wealth manager, give advice on investments and retirement planning. Basically, the sky is the limit.

Countries to work in: Ireland, Luxembourg, Hungary, US, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Japan

Average annual salary: $89, 160

Biomedical Engineering

This is the field which combines engineering and medical science into one. This is the hottest filed to work in healthcare right now where you get to research about the devices required in medicine field and then design them. You can work as Biomedical Engineer; Biomedical Technician; Biomedical Manager; Clinical Engineer; Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET).

Countries you can work in: New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, UK, and Canada

Average annual salary: $86,220

Choose These Course Abroad For Handsome Pay Packages - NepaliPagePetroleum Engineering

The major part of your work will revolve around the tasks of completion, drilling, production, and reservoir such that the project is profitable and at the same time doesn’t cause harm to the environment and the development is sustainable.

Countries you can work in: UK; Denmark; Netherland; Canada; New Zealand; US; Australia; and Norway

Average annual salary: $88,700

Choose These Course Abroad For Handsome Pay Packages - NepaliPageEnvironmental Engineering

Give back to the environment by developing solutions to various problems being faced today and aggravated by the uncontrolled environmental degradation. Your efforts will be directed towards fields like recycling, waste disposal, public health, and water and air pollution control etc.

Countries you can work in: USA, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Australia, UAE

Average annual salary: $84,560

Choose These Course Abroad For Handsome Pay Packages - NepaliPage

Computer Network Engineering

The world is a small place now with everyone connected to each other using fast networking. This is an exciting field to work in for those who love to stay informed about the new developments in technology.  You can work as network architect, Systems Administrator, Network Security Administrator etc…

Countries you can work in: Australia, US, UK, Ireland

Average annual salary: $100,240

Cyber Security

Talented professionals are required in this field for safeguarding corporate’s valuable data and systems. The packages are quiet good for these jobs and also you get to learn on the job which is an added benefit.

Countries you can work in: US, UK, Ireland, Germany, Israel

Average annual salary: $90,120


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