Changes for Students and Job Seekers in the Year 2018 in Australia

With the New Year, there are several changes that are being expected in the lives of job seekers and students who come to Australia from outside. Various laws are expecting some of the other amendments which are all set to affect the benefits one can avail under various welfare program. The expected changes can be in favor of the recipient as the monetary value of the benefits will increase making a migration to Australia even more lucrative than before.

As per new media reports changes are expected in the previous policies followed. Let us take this case by case:


Following an accusation on some MPs including Bronwyn Bishop and Sussan Ley for using their entitlements in an unjust manner, there is new parliamentary expense regime on the cards to come out soon.

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Changes for Students and Job Seekers in the Year 2018 in Australia - NepaliPage

As for Taxes, a $12,000 special duty on imported used vehicles will be axed in the year of 2018.

Welfare Schemes

For the purpose of treatment of job seekers affected by proposed drug testing trials, there has been $10 million budgeted. People who are currently receiving single parent entitlements will now require getting their relationships verified. The step has been taken to ensure that there are no false benefits taken by people on this front. 

The various allowances for youth, disabled and students are all set to be raised up in this year. The current allowances given to youth will be increased by at least $4.60 while the payments made to students will see a hike of $8.30. There will be an upward increase of $7 in the allowance payments to the disabled.
Changes for Students and Job Seekers in the Year 2018 in Australia - NepaliPage

Changes in the field of Healthcare

Focusing towards creating a healthier nation, the prices of facilities is expected to go down. The new vaccine against genital warts is all set to be listed on the National Immunization Program. This will help in guarding more strains of the virus at a fairly reduced cost.

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Changes for Students and Job Seekers in the Year 2018 in Australia - NepaliPage

Under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, defense veterans will be given an increased access to the antibiotics as compared to an earlier situation. This also includes medicines for heart diseases and medication for other strokes.

Towards communities affected by the contaminated water supplies, the government will provide a sum of $5.7 million over four years. This is being done following the use of potentially toxic firefighting foams at the Tindal RAAF Base in the NT.

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