Australian government focused to save life & livelihood

Australian Government on its cabinet meeting held on 2020, March 29 has addressed certain measures to roll down the economy despite COVID-19 spread. The government has ascertained its six-month economic package to protect Australians lives and to keep Australia moving.

According to the press statement by Prime Minister Morrison, the total tests for the COVID-19 was 211, 000 while the confirmed cases are 3,966 cases in the whole of Australia.

National Cabinet has considered the increasing rate and has taken extensive methods to procure masks, gloves, ventilators, hand sanitizers, from both domestic manufacture and international sellers. Further, the commonwealth announced a package of $1.1 billion to boost mental health services, emergency relief, and Medicare assistance.

Adding more service, the Australian Government has launched its WhatsApp channel and new coronavirus app. The app is available in Android devices and Apple.

The National Cabinet on the discussion has added further restrictions including gathering limits, in public places and has encouraged maximum use of online platforms to meet the essentials.

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Social distancing-further measures

  • Restrictions on personal movement and business.
  • Closing of specific venues in respective states.

Outdoor or Indoor public gatherings

Confined social gathering to two people only. Exceptions to limit includes:

  • Family units
  • Funeral – a maximum of 10 people.
  • Wedding- a maximum of 5 people.
  • People of the same family going out together.

Australian Government national cabinet has given strong guidance to all the Australians to remain inside their home unless:

  • Shopping for essential supplies.
  • Immediate attention to medical needs or medical requirements.
  • The mandatory need for exercise with the public gathering requirements.
  • Study and work if remote access is denied.

Decision made in favor of senior citizens

As the impact of COVID-19 is seen highly in the 70 years old people. These people are requested to limit their contact and remain inside. National cabinet has made a strong decision of self-isolation at home to Australians:

  • Over 70 years of age.
  • Over 60 years of age who is currently struggling with health conditions.
  • Over 50 years of age struggling with certain health situations.

Decision made for commercial and residential tenancies

National Cabinet has agreed to suspend the financial distress of commercial and residential tenancies over the next six months. The Cabinet has agreed to set certain principles and underpin aid in the following manner:

  • Short term suspension of rental fees for non-payment applied across every commercial tenancy.
  • Landlord and tenants are requested to coordinate on the rent relief portion or temporary amendment to lease.
  • Waiver of rental payment for a defined period.
  • Terminate leases or seek for conciliation on the ground of financial hardship.
  • Tenants and landlords not significantly affected by COVID-19 are requested to honor their rental and lease agreement.
  • Ensure benefit to both tenant and commercial property owners in the portion of the economic impact caused by COVID-19.
  • Cost-sharing in between tenants and landlords with financial institutions, local government, state, and territory government.
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