20-year old Nepalese employed at Hobart’s Grand Chancellor Hotel tested positive Corona Virus

A 20-year old Nepalese student enrolled at Ideal College, in Hobart ignored the safety measures for Corona Virus and continuously worked at Grand Chancellor Hotel.

The student was tested for Corona Virus on Friday at the Royal Hobart Hospital and was advised to self-quarantine before the final results were out.

The test results turned out to be positive on Saturday. Despite knowing the outcome, the infector continued working in the hotel on several shifts and twice attended the college.

Dr Veitch, Royal Hobart Hospital and health authorities further made an investigation on patients’ movement. He says:

“He’s a student at the Ideal College in Hobart and has attended the college twice recently, and we have been in contact with a staff member of the college, and we are engaging with them further over the next day or so.” 20-year old Nepalese employed at Hobart’s Grand Chancellor Hotel tested positive Corona Virus - NepaliPage

He further adds,

“The particular follow up of this case is complex and very demanding, and we’re grateful for the hard work of the Public Health team.”

The man had travelled from Nepal via Singapore transit and Sydney before arriving at Hobart on February 26, 2020. On arrival, he faced cold-like symptoms, the very day after his travel but still rejoined his work and attended the vocational college.

After generating severe symptoms, on March 6, 2020, he connected to telephone hotline and was tested for the Corona Virus.

Adding more to the incident, Dr Robert says,

“It is unacceptable to continue activities in public or attend work while waiting for the coronavirus virus test results.”

After the incidence, the Public Health will further clarify the man’s flight detail to determine the possession of illness and is also working with the hotel staffs and colleagues to figure out ‘close contacts’ and needed isolation.

So far, Tasmania has tested 114 people for coronavirus to date. Scott McKeown, the deputy director of Public Health, reported a significant increase in testing after the confirmation of the virus.

Government is looking to strengthen compliance measures, Health Minister Sarah Courtney said,

“We want to see Tasmanians kept safe, kept healthy, so it’s unacceptable that you do not follow the advice and indeed today I have asked the director of Public Health for further advice on whether or not we need to strengthen measures to ensure compliance with self-isolation. I send a very strong message to Tasmanians, if you have been asked to be in self-isolation, you must comply with that it is very serious, and it is very irresponsible if you do not comply with self-isolation.”

Rosalie Woodruff, the Greens health spokeswoman, marched the authorities to inspect the bottom region of the 20-years Nepalese case. She said,

Was it a lack of support was it a lack of understanding or was it a lack of will? We must take additional precautions for the safety of our students and staff, which is of paramount importance. These rules apply regardless of whether you have recently returned from an overseas destination. If you come into the college and are displaying cold/flu-like symptoms, you will be asked to vacate the premises immediately, and the health authorities will be called.”

The information strongly marked on self-isolation if any students or workers were suffering from cold or flu and to immediately contact a GP for the coronavirus test and then accordingly follow the given instructions.

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