Pay Hike Lesser Than Expected, Claims Survey

A recent survey done by Hays Salary Guide on the pay rise patter in Australia suggests that employees and employers are not on the same page as far as pay rise is considered. On one hand, where employees are expecting a hike in the pay of about more than six percent, the employers, in general, are willing to give around three percent only.

The survey was conducted in more than 3000 workplaces all across Australia. The survey suggests that two-thirds of employers are planning to give skilled employees a pay rise of somewhat less than three percent and around ten percent will not get a pay rise. In the bracket of three to six percent, falls some odd eighteen percent employers. However, among the organizations surveyed, there are around 2.3 million employees who have higher expectations.

Pay hike

Talking about the priority chart, around 67 percent employees said that a pay hike is their top priority career-wise. Another 50 percent were fixated on the idea that if the employer fails to give the expected pay hike, they shall work towards finding another opportunity. The past year has been good for the industry in all sectors with turnover rising by 32 percent. Advertising and media have emerged as the most generously paying industries amongst all with 13 percent employers planning to increase salary packages by 6 percent or more. However, with this data comes a shocking fact that around 46 percent professionals are looking for a new job, willing to change in next 12 months. 48 percent of these find the less current salary as motivating factor.

The data clearly shows the gap in understanding between employees and employers. While employee doesn’t mind taking pressure at work, they want salary hike and heavier wallet for the work done. The debate has gained a lot of momentum lately with a positive economic growth data and argument over the fact that the benefits should be passed on to the employees.


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