Job or Own Business? What to Choose

Many of us are often faced with the dilemma that we want to start our business or enterprise but are currently doing a job which is most circumstances is paying you well to live nicely. Now in these situations, the more the good our current job is doing for us financially more difficult is to take a decision. But then again, if we were satisfied with the previous job why would we be thinking of a business? There’s more to it.Job or Own Business? What to Choose - NepaliPage

As living beings no doubt we love to socialize but at the same time there is a deep desire in each of us to have some autonomy in what we do. The way we work, we want it to match our true style and also we want the same to be reflected in our decisions as well. From here comes the idea of starting something of your own. Australia has now become the hub of start-ups owing to the fact that many students come each year for their higher studies and the supportive infrastructure and facilities provided encourage them to do something on their own. But if you think it is easy for students then you are wrong here. For doing anything there is always a trade-off. In this case, it is between studies and a good job or own business.

A lot of existential risks involved in the business but are you sure that your job is safe?

Salaries employees often have this argument that there are a lot of existential risks involved in the business but are you sure that your job is safe? The answer is a big no. The world is changing fast and using digitization and similar technologies, companies are rapidly decreasing the work force. Hence every job from the lower level and middle level is at risk. The business also has its own risks but they are often calculated. You cannot expect that the moment you start something of your own money will come. In fact, studies show that most of the business that is start-ups start making money from second year and some even after that. So starting the business also has risks. However, you can minimize them by having good relations with the workforce, buyers and so on.Job or Own Business? What to Choose - NepaliPage

At the end of the day, it is about following your heart and doing what you love to do. It will bear results but it might take some time. Many people abandon some project they took on in-between as they are not able to take the losses anymore. All one needs to do is make constant changes in their plans and they are good to go.

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