Australian Road Rules You Must Know

Australia government has some very strict rules regarding road safety and if one fails to follow them then there are fines to be paid. Not only this but it will also give demerit points to the offender which will spoil your scores with various organisations and citizenship will also be affected. Thus it is better to know what can you do and what you must avoid. Here are some dos and don’ts of road safety in Australia.

To drink and drive is illegal and attracts a lot of demerit to your citizenship in Australia. The laws about drink and drive are quiet strict in Australia. The legal limit set for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) for a normal driver is 0.05 BAC. However for learners and probationary license holders, this is 0.00 BAC.

If you text and drive, it is illegal. The driver’s full concentration must be on the road only. Not only this, it also includes holding your phone such as to speak on loud speaker while in a stationary position in traffic. In NSW, using a hand held mobile phone in a school zone attracts a fine of $397 and four demerit points.

If you dive through the orange light when it is acceptable that you had time to stop then the act is illegal and attracts a fine. Both in NSW and Victoria it carries the same offence as running a red light: $397 and three demerit points in NSW and $282 and three demerit points in Victoria. Also upon seeing a red sign or stop sign every vehicle must stop and come to a stationary condition failing to do so will attract a  $282 ticket and three demerit points in Victoria and $298 and three demerit points in NSW.

Tooting of horn and waving goodbye from your car window can also attract fine. It could easily cost you almost $600 and three demerit points in NSW.  In Victoria, the toot and wave will attract a fine of $282 but no points.

If you drive with a pet on your lap then also you will be breaking rules and a fine of $397 can be put on you along with three demerit points. In Victoria this fine is of $211 but no demerit points. Surprisingly enough, you can drive bare foot in both NSW and Victoria. The road safety experts will also be in your favour if the case of high heels or thongs.

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