Australian Migrants- Among Happiest Migrants in the World

According to the latest report on migration, the migrants to Australia are among the happiest in the world amongst all migrants who leave their home country for future prospects. The World Happiness Report has put the Australian migrants on the sixth number for being happy migrants in the world. On the top proudly stands Finland. Australia is behind Iceland and New Zealand.

The World Happiness Report is based on Gallup World Poll that has surveyed 156 countries for the happiness of overall population averaged for 2015-17 and 117 countries for the happiness of the immigrants between 2005 and 2017.  As per the report, there are about 244 million people in the world living as migrants in a foreign nation. The report further suggests that there are about 700 million more who would want to migrate for better opportunities. The report claims that people who move to other countries are happier than the ones living on their own.

Australian Migrants- Among Happiest Migrants in the World -NepaliPage

Australia is a very attractive nation in terms of migration as it attracts lakhs of people every year looking for better education and job opportunities. The net annual migration stats of Australia suggests that its annual intake comes out to be around 190,000. The World Happiness Report 2018 suggests that the factor that matters most to the migrant is the acceptance level of people of the nation to which one is migrating to. As for the overall population, Australia is ranked as 10th, it has slipped by one position as compared to last year. The report also comments that amongst the ten happiest countries of the world, Australia proudly boasts of 28% of the migrant happy population.


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