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The illegal promise of a Nepali American Dream

The illegal promise of a Nepali American Dream - NepaliPage

There have been harrowing stories of Nepalese trying to get through the United States from the Mexican border. Nepalese survivors who have been through the situation tell their escape stories of how they took steps to fulfil their American dream. The shared stories are shivering, heartrending, and mind-boggling to their listeners and facers. As we all know, the US immigration authorities must approve your entry before you enter the country. In the same way, remaining in the US without permission after an expired visa, work visa, or another authorized stay is not allowed. It is illegal to stay in the United States when a non-citizen violates the terms of a legal entry. Here we will discuss the hardships Nepalese illegal immigrants face when crossing the Mexican border, the investments brokers offer, and the reasons for obtaining investments through illicit channels.

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