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Australia’s skilled migration policy changed how and where migrants settle

Whether the skilled migration policy has been a success involves understanding whether or not highly…

Nepali Page Nepali Page 7 Min Read

VETASSESS Pauses Skill Assessment for Popular Occupations Chef, Cooks – What Next?

International Students studying the courses leading to these occupations and planning to get skill assessment…

Madan Mani Madan Mani 3 Min Read

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Australia Closes Student Visa Pathway for Temporary Graduate Visa Holders

From 1 July, those on Temporary Graduate Visa holders will face new restrictions to ensure…

Nepali Page Nepali Page 3 Min Read

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Top 10 Most In-demand IT Jobs in Australia

Australia is set to be one of the top digital governments in the world by 2025, government's digital strategy and…

Madan Mani Madan Mani 15 Min Read

Crypto scams will increase over the holidays – here’s what you need to know to not fall victim

We must also keep an eye out for potential crypto scams trying to ruin the fun. This is because scammers…

Madan Mani Madan Mani 8 Min Read

Coding Bootcamp, does it worth joining? 

If you are looking for career change or enhance your skill for IT jobs but does not want to join…

Madan Mani Madan Mani 10 Min Read

Shop Coles and Uber Eats brings on your doorstep

How it would be convenient if your weekly groceries come to your doorstep? That day is not far you select…

Madan Mani Madan Mani 2 Min Read
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