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What to study in Australia

Importance of pursuing higher education in Australia - NepaliPage

Students around the world desire to study in Australia so they can build global career. Australian education providers offer quality education in affordable cost.   Australia is a great country to get the education where university courses covering a wide range of disciplines can be chosen from. Many Australian universities …

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Driving in Australia with Nepali license

Driving in Australia with Nepali license - NepaliPage

Australia remains one of the most preferred destinations for Nepalese to work, live as well as pursue higher studies. Many leave their homeland with all necessary preparations like getting the skills training required to get work there, learning driving among others. It is equally important to learn driving as it …

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Things you need to consider before buying a house in Australia

What happens if I can’t pay my mortgage and what are my options - NepaliPage

Buying a house in Australia, even back home too, is a huge financial commitment you make to yourself. The excitement of buying a house comes with a big financial responsibility. Here in Australia, there are many factors you should consider before spending your lifetime income in the property. House loan …

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5 reasons why Australia is the best country to move in

Border opening for skilled workers, students delayed a fortnight - NepaliPage

We have endured enough of never-ending power cuts, sporadic strikes, and political turmoil in the country. Due to this, the number of youth leaving Nepal is ever increasing. We all are looking for greener pastures. All around the globe, there are countries which are a thousand times better than us. …

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Floriade 2016: spring celebration at Canberra

Floriade is an annual flower and entertainment festival in Canberra, Australian Capital, displaying an extensive range of flowering bulbs that are integrated with sculptures and other artistic articles. Floriade is the event to celebrate spring in Australia. This is the iconic festival organized in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. …

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