Important tips for career in music

Music is now a very big industry and the talent is ample. Gone are the days when you could think you will have stable career. The times are fast changing and so there are ten people behind you just waiting to take your place. In such a situation constant efforts are required to keep your fans engaged and always give your best. Here are some tips for musicians to succeed. Take a look at some of them below:

  • Learn to be versatile

First and foremost, learn to be versatile. It is good to have a genre but at the same time you should also grow with the changing demands of people and keep learning what is new. This will help you to keep your current fan base intact and new audience too will be attracted to you.

  • Have strong networking skills

Music industry is a lot about the glamour quotient. To grow you need to tie up with well-connected people. It has been seen that even average bands who had good connections in the industry have gotten really large breaks because of well cultivated relationships. Thus strong networking skills are required.

  • Live performance is the key to success

Your fans can see all your videos on YouTube or any other streaming site for that matter which is free to them. So such sources are not the right measure of your popularity. Try to perform as much live as you can. This will put your fans through the right test and then you can know which ones are to be focused upon. Also, live performances are a great source for income and your music will always require funding. Live shows are also just not about music but there can be a lot of merchandise sold which will also add up to your revenue.

  • Know your music and instruments

You should always keep practising and learning. Know your music and instruments well and also experiment new things. Redundancy should and has to be avoided as this will only push away the fans. You need to keep them occupied with something new. But having said that you should also focus on your main genre and not lose the magic in there.

So here you go. In the end it is all about the practice and the effort you put in. Having a good network on digital media is also required in this age and time.

Writer : Sugandh Ratan Agarwal

A fun loving gal set in her own ways. Embarking on a journey to make a name. Write such that someone else can write about you! Cheers!

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