Make sure… before buying a car in Australia

Make sure... before buying a car in Australia - NepaliPage

Car in Australian life means a lot. It’s one of the daily basics like the internet or phone. It increases possibilities of happiness and income in life. The idea of traveling comfortably on the own car is tempting, isn’t it? Besides, having your own vehicle would help you to move …

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Living safely in Australia

Living safely in Australia - NepaliPage

Risks are everywhere. Whether you are living in your own country or a foreign one developed like Australia, there are dangers involved everywhere. When it comes to migrating to a new country, the safety issue becomes more significant because you don’t have your dear and near ones by your side …

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Driving in Australia with Nepali license


Australia remains as one of the most preferred destinations for Nepalese to work, live as well as pursue higher studies.Many leave their homeland with all necessary preparations like getting the skilled training required to get work there, learning driving among others. It is equally important to learn driving as it …

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