SA to Reduce Public Transport Fares

A good news is on the way for South Australia as the government has decided to cut down the area rates for public transportation. The new fares will be the cheapest in the country as told by the state government. The benefits will be especially for the frequent travelers as major discounts are to enjoyed by them.

A commuter will have to opt for a plan among the two present, namely, 28-day plan and the 14-day plan. Both of these are unlimited travel cards and are used by frequent travelers. With new fares coming into effect, a commuter will be able to save up to $300 on yearly basis.  The new rates of the unlimited travel cards, as decided by the government are:

  • 28-day pass from $124.50 to $99
  • 14-day pass for $60

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SA to Reduce Public Transport Fares - NepaliPagePremier Jay Weatherill talked about this step taken by the state government and said that these reduced rates will encourage people to opt for public transport which will in turn help in better traffic management in the state. The public transport has also been upgraded with more regular and better quality services.

The new fares are all set to come into effect starting 3rd April this year. The maximum benefits can be made use of by the commuters who take public transport for at least five days per week. As for the cut down of costs, say if a commuter does 40 trips using the 28-day unlimited pass, pass, the cost for each trip will drop to $2.47 which is currently at $3.10. This will regardless of the quantum of distance be traveled. However, for commuters looking for cut down costs on single trips, there will be no reduced fares.

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