Reports Suggest Migrants Create Jobs in Australia, Run One-Third Australian Small Businesses

A new research for the small business market in Australia has revealed that migrants are responsible for running more businesses in Australia and the numbers are continuously increasing. The report further claims that migrants also take up about one-third of the job creation responsibility in Australia. The CGU Insurance Migrant Small Business Report expects these numbers to go up in future touching figures of approximately 200-thousand new jobs in the next five to 10 years.

Reports Suggest Migrants Create Jobs in Australia, Run One-Third Australian Small Businesses - NepaliPage

About 1.4 million Australians currently work for migrant employers in Australia and job satisfaction among these employees is more owing to the innovative work culture, attention to job responsibilities etc… Migrants are hence continuously striving towards giving back to the society and economy via job creation. The report suggests among the current business owners, 83 percent of migrant business owners had never run a business before, but they’re more successful, earning 53 percent more revenue than non-migrant-run businesses.

The trend of job search among the migrants is slowly changing with more migrants preferring to have own businesses as the option gives more freedom and greater independence. Businesses are giving migrants a chance to do what they love without any boundaries about courses and uni.

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