Registering your Vehicle in New South Wales

Registering your vehicle can be a tiresome process made more so by the costs involved in the registration process and the many options one have while choosing an insurer. An important point to note here is that every insurer gives a quote which is competitive with respect to the market and hence a proper and thorough research can help you save some extra bucks.

In New South Wales there are 6 providers of CTP Greenslip Insurance. While all of them provide the same basic insurance cover, some of them also give the added benefit of driver-at-fault cover.

Renewing vehicle registration

If you want to renew your vehicle registration and have received a renewal notice from the RTA/RMS stating “Inspection Required”, this means that you need to get a Vehicle Safety Check (Pink Slip) and a greenslip to in order to renew the registration of your vehicle.

Transferring the vehicle

In case you are transferring your vehicle from another state or you need to re-register your vehicle because of the registration being cancelled, you will need both a Safety and Identity Check (Blue Slip) and a greenslip to register your vehicle.

Below table highlights the maximum costs that can be involved with the registration of vehicles.

Pink Slip Light Vehicle $37.40
Motorcycle $22.20
Trailer without Brakes $22.20
Trailer with Brakes $29.50
Blue Slip Light Vehicle $60.50
Motorcycle $36.80
Trailer without Brakes $30.90
Trailer with Brakes $43.10


The annual registration fee has been set at $62, effective from 1st July 2014. Motor vehicle tax is charged on light vehicles as well up to 4.5-ton GVM, however, some exemptions apply.  The tax is also affected by the usage of the vehicle- personal or for business. Vehicles used for business purposes are charged at a higher rate.

For detailed costs related to registration of vehicles, take a look at this.



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