Guide on consumer rights in Australia

Chances are high of getting tricked even in your own country while you are shopping. After all, it is the natural instinct of business minded people to earn more profit. Not only this, you might also end up in a situation when you found out suddenly that the clothes recently bought are damaged. Do you know what are your chances in such situation to get your money back? Do you know about your rights as a consumer? And being in a new country it is not bad to be oblivious of knowing about your consumer rights in Australia.Guide on consumer rights in Australia - NepaliPage

If you are in Australia, you need not worry if you ever got trapped in such situation with business people. Australia has a (fair trading) state government agency that helps you in resolving disputes between consumers and business.

Always keep in mind that as a shopper you are entitled to rights to get information about a product, get a receipt of your purchase and guarantees on the product you buy.

In what conditions, you can get a refund?

You can get a refund if the product you bought is unsafe, doesn’t live up to your expectations and doesn’t function as it is supposed to. To get a refund you need to provide the seller with the receipt, invoice or credit card statement.

When will you not be entitled to a refund?

You will not get a refund if you have accidently change your mind about the size and the color of the product if you have damage the product that are against the given instructions. We will also won’t get a refund if you were aware of the glitch in the product before you bought it and don’t have the receipt of your purchase.Guide on consumer rights in Australia - NepaliPage

About internet shopping

If you are engaged in an internet shopping with an overseas seller, the transaction will not be covered by Australian laws.

Remember this before you do shopping online:

  • Think twice about the tempting offers that are hard to believe
  • Cases of Internet shopping frauds are on the rise so check the past transactions of the seller and find about the seller you are dealing with in detail.
  • Gather information on price, delivery, refund, warranty, return policies, exchange rate, sales tax and import duties.
  • Never make a blunder of giving away your password or personal bank details.
  • Make sure the site is secure before making payment. Generally, the secure website should have a key or closed padlock icon on the top or the bottom. And do not ever use public computers while shopping online.
  • Print out the payment of your order and keep it safe.

Guide on consumer rights in Australia - NepaliPageWhat to do if you have bought damaged goods?

  • Contact the seller:

-Explain about the product and ask how you can get your money back or make an exchange.

-Keep the receipt safe

-Note down the names of the people you talked to.

  • If you can’t resolve the issue with the seller, call Fair trading or file a complaint.
  • Yet, if the issue is not settled, Contact the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal

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