6 reasons to Study Australia

Australia has been ranked as the second best country to live in terms of life expectancy, education and per-capita income. This ranking clearly shows Australia delivers the best education. Due to the excellent education system, Australia is the third most preferred nation among international students to pursue higher education. Not only this, Australian student visa also paves to get Australian Permanent Residency. It is a land of opportunities and better life which makes it a powerhouse of international education.

There are many reasons why a large number of students all over the world choose Australia to get an international education degree. Free education, scholarships, work permit and high standard of living are some of the reasons students find Australia so appealing. Let’s explore some more reasons here:

Globally recognized degree6 reasons to Study Australia - NepaliPage

An Australian degree is valued by Universities and employers all over the world. You would not face much inconvenience with Australian degree in hand to get jobs across the world. Graduates from Australia are in high demand and you have a high chance of getting acceptance anywhere you apply.

Living Expenses6 reasons to Study Australia - NepaliPage

The living and education cost is one of the highest, it is significantly lower compared to other countries like USA and UK. Likewise, you can find plenty of scholarships to lower down the living cost.

Variety of courses6 reasons to Study Australia - NepaliPage

You can choose any specific courses that suit your interest. Your each interest will be covered by Australian education system. You can join vocational schools, English training or universities as per your convenience.

State-of- the-art technology in Universities

6 reasons to Study Australia - NepaliPage

All Australian universities have adopted advanced technology in libraries, laboratories and classes to help students explore their talents within them.  If you want to promote the innovative side in you, better you apply Australia for abroad study.

Work Permit6 reasons to Study Australia - NepaliPage

International students are eligible to work while studying in Australia.  You are allowed to work for twenty hours a week. For master’s level student’s spouse (dependent) can work full time. You can complement the other financial expenses with your earnings.

Permanent Residency6 reasons to Study Australia - NepaliPage

One of the major reasons why students opt for Australia is because Australian student visa is the gateway to receive Australian permanent residency. You can polish yourself, your potentials and study the potential of acquiring PR once you enter Australia with a student visa. After getting required skills while being a student, you can apply for PR visa under skilled migration category.

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